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Marketing destinations in Cyprus and the number of their visitors

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1. The title of my proposal. Background and justification for selection of the topic

The most interesting topic for my proposal is “Marketing destinations and the number of their visitors”. The main reason of my choice is actually topic. Marketing as a modern principle of business function is interesting not only for me. Development of the tourism in Cyprus is important for the government of the Cyprus as well as for the European Union. Many travel agencies over the world offer the holidays in the Cyprus what means they must be inform about facts of this island. Customers before their choice of the destination for their holidays are interested in the country where they want to spend their holiday. And finally me, as a student, I am interested in the information about Cyprus and it created my academic background.

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marketing destinations



market targeting

segmenting the market

  • 1. The title of my proposal. Background and justification for selection of the topic
    2. Statement of objectives and hypothesis to be examined
    3. Details of information/data collection methods
    4. Details of data analysis methods
    5. Literature review
    6. References

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