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Great Britain
1. The United Kingdom is situated on 2 main islands: Great Britain and Ireland. Great Britain consits of these countries: England - capital city is London, Scotland - the capital city is Edinburg, Wales - the capital city is Cardiff and Northern Ireland - the capital city is Belfast.This country has an area of 244 872 km2 and the population is about 59 milion inhabitants.
The capital city is London and the currency is British Pound. The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and the head of the state is the Queen Elizabeth II. The head of the government is the Prime Minister - it is Dave Cameron now.

Every country has its own flag, but official flag of Great Britain has dark blue background, which is lined with red cross. Great Britain has a wild and rainny climate. The most important river is the Thames and the longest river is the Severn.

The United Kingdom is a very industrial country. Sevices for example finance, bakning, computing, advertising and so on are very imrpotant part of British industry. Other important industries are iron and steel industry, textil, plastics and food industry.
The main agricultural products are potatoes, sugar beet milk and wheat etc..

2. The Great Britain is full of an interesting places.
In England you can see:
STONEHAGE - it is a historical place made of big stones and i tis situadet in south of England. Scientists are still trying to discover why it was built. Some of them think that it was a religious place for burials, others think that it was used as a calendar. Scientists still don´t know how was it built.
In England you can also find OXFORD and CAMBRIDGE - these are the famous university towns.
The most attractive place for tourist, is definitely LONDON - London is the capital city of England and one of the largest cities - it covers are of 1579 km2. It´s situated in the south of England and it has population about 7,5 milion people. London is divided in to three parts:
The city, The Westminster and The West End.
London is very multicultural city - people of different origins, races and religion live there. London is crossed by the river Thames. London is today one of the world´s leading bussines, financial and cultural centres. There are five airports, and a large port in London. The most imortant airport is called Heattrow.
In London you can see:
The Houses of Parliament - also called The Westminster Palace - they stand on the bank of the river Thames. They are built in Gothic Style and they consist of two houses: The house of Lords and The House of Commons.
Big Ben - it´s the clock tower which belongs to the Houses of Parliament. It´s the biggest bell in England. This clock has the name of Sir Benjamin Hall - he was very tall and his friends called him „Big Ben“
The London Eye - it´s the world´s largest observation Wheel and the London´s most popular tourist attraction.
The Tower Bridge - is the bridge near the Tower of London. It must be opened for the big slips.
The Tower of London - is near the Tower Bridge. In the fast, it was a prison, forbes and a palace. Visitors can see the crown jewels there.
Buckingham Palace - is the residence of the Queen. In summer toursit can visit their Palace because it´s opened to public and visitors can see the changing of guard.
Madame Tussand´s Wax Museum - there are figueres of famous people made from wax.

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